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The Municipal Committee Shopian was established in the year 1932 as Town Area Committee and converted in to Notified Area Committee in 1963 vide Government SRO No:- 58 dated:- 07th February. Latter on it was upgraded as Municipal Committee in the year 2003. The total existing population of the town is comprised upon 15000 souls. The Committee has been divided into 13 wards having 2500 households. The town has its popularity for orchards of apples which is known as “Apple Town” of the Valley. The Town has become great attractive due to historical Mughal Road for which it has tremendous load of tourists and Government has taken some major steps for development of the town by way of widening of roads and increasing the infrastructure of tourism to attract the people more and more.

The Municipal Committee Shopian has played a vital role in the development of town by way of works , Sanitation, Electrification, etc. The sanitation standard of town is being upgraded day by day.


  • 1: Sanitation facility.
  • 2: Sanction of Building Permission cases.
  • 3: Death and Birth Certificates.
  • 4: Electrification of Town (Street lighting).
  • 5: Construction of Lanes / Drains etc.

Annual Development Programme

  • 1: UDS.
  • 2: IDMT.
  • 3: IHSDP.
  • 4: MPLADS / CDF.
  • 5: ILCS.

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